Engines provide the driving force for almost everything.
We utilize the expertise gained through decades of work in the field to provide everything from sales to service for diesel engines, whether for construction machinery, marine vessels, industrial equipment, or freezers.
Our integrated service stance covers everything from the essential fuel injection systems to horsepower testing, putting us in a class by ourselves.
And our technical people continue to develop new solutions for tomorrow.


Government, fishing, and pleasure boat diesel engines, and FRP and aluminum boat fittings
Daily-use and emergency generators, freezers, fire-fighting pump engines, and cogeneration diesel engines
Travel, work, air conditioning, and electricity generation engines


Delivery, installation, maintenance, inspection, repair, horsepower testing, modification, relocation, equipment diagnosis, fuel injection system repair, engine replacement

Construction Machinery and Cranes

Experienced salesmen and professional advisors stand ready to assist customers in selecting the best solutions for their needs, whether they be cranes, excavators, bulldozers, mini-excavators, or foundation construction machinery, including custom-order designs.
We provide complete customer service, from maintenance and management to custom attachment production.


Construction machinery
Crawler cranes, rough-terrain cranes, floating cranes, excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, mini-excavators, attachments
Port and harbor cranes
Mobile harbor cranes, barge-mounted cranes
Industrial machinery
Large-capacity compressors, large-capacity dump trucks, forklifts, ocean dredges, automatic transmissions
Foundation construction machinery
Pile drivers, earth drills, boring machines


Delivery, installation, operator training, maintenance and inspection, special inspection, vehicle safety inspection, special machinery and facility design, production, and modification

Industrial Machinery


Air compressors are a crucial power source for production systems in the manufacturing industry, and freezers make frozen food manufacturing and storage possible. We contribute to these industries through the sale and maintenance of screw compressors, offering low noise, vibration, and energy consumption.

Machine tools

Machine tools handle production needs, such as bending, cutting, and milling materials. We help improve productivity and safety in a diverse range of industries, through sale, inspection

Improving energy efficiency and comfort

Based on a thorough review of machinery, facilities, and peripheral equipment, we propose plants optimized for excellent economy, efficiency, and safety. Comfortable, friendly spaces are designed to be gentle on people and the environment.


Screw compressors, freezers, vacuum pumps
Sheet metal and steel member production
Laser cutters, power presses, press brakes, bandsaws,automatic drilling machines, punching presses
Machine tools
Machining centers, NC lathes
Fruit sorting systems, transport systems, press peripherals
Air conditioning equipment, thermal insulating coating, high-voltage power receiving equipment
Environment, other
Biomass burners, water cleansing agents, battery regeneration


Delivery, installation, maintenance, inspection, repair, modification, relocation, equipment design and modification, hydraulic machinery design, manufacture, and modification, power press special inspection

Technology Development

Ever since our establishment, our aggressive R&D program has been shaped by the corporate stance to provide customers with the optimal solution to their needs instead of settling for off-the-shelf products, and to offer products with high value-added content to match regional characteristics.
Our constant investment into new technologies, innovative research, and product improvement will remain a key business theme in the future as well.
The expertise gained through decades of work in the field is earning praise overseas as well, through engineer dispatch.


Polypropylene band press bundler, industrial waste press bundler, beach cleaner
Special machinery
Forging manipulator, refractory block disassembling machine, dust collector, incline loader, waste oil purifier, slag removal system, sludge solidification system, shaft rotor, soil improvement system, wide-base excavator
Plant construction
Powder transport machinery and piping, stock tank production, bucket conveyor installation, transport conveyor installation