We repair, inspect, sell, and develop a wide range of machinery,
including engines, construction machinery, cranes, and industrial machinery.

We have a long history
and solid technical capabilities.

A leader in the Kyushu industrial world, we have earned the trust of a wide range of manufacturers and other customers with the latest technology and equipment.Collaborative work with group and partner companies ensure that we can provide the optimal solution to diverse requirements.Youthful energy and long experience, working together under the “Intellect is infinite” slogan.


  • ・Construction machinery, vehicles, industrial vehicles, marine vessels, port and harbor machinery, machine tools, internal combustion engines, generators, air conditioning systems, hydraulicmachinery, electronic equipment and other equipment sale, service, and leasing
  • ・Manufacture, sale, and service of accessories and parts for the above
  • ・Design and construction for machinery installation, steel structures, electrical systems, and piping
  • ・Design, manufacture, and construction of steel beams, girders, and other structural members
  • ・Sales and leasing of used equipment
  • ・Electricity supply
  • ・Sale, installation, service, and leasing of electrical goods, lighting, kitchen appliances, and water supply and wastewater equipment, for the home
  • ・Other businesses related to the above


  • ・Designated Vehicle Service Shop (Fukuoka Office, Kyushu District Transport Bureau; Designation Fuku-20, Certification 1-22)
  • ・Type 2 Heavy Equipment Service Shop (MLIT No. 598)
  • ・Construction Machinery, Freight-Handling, and Power Press Special Inspection(MHLW No. 58)
  • ・General Construction (MLIT No. Han-21 14301) for general construction including
    civil engineering, architectural, electrical, landscaping, and fire prevention works.
  • ・Machinery and Tool Sale (used goods) (Fukuoka Pref. Fair Trade Commission No.30223,Saga Pref. Fair Trade Commission No. 911080007187)